When connected to the server, you can send in commands by chatting.  Thank you to JLV for the server ReadMe found here: http://forum.mxsimulator.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=28978

Currently the following commands are recognized:

==== Commands that everyone can use ====

server,ignore <none|specs|all>

Ignores chat messages from the specified group when you're racing.

server,gate <gate number>

Sets the current client's gate preference.

server,listplayers [search string]

Lists all the clients on the server. If search string is given, only

list players whose name or number matches the string.


Lists the tracks available on the server.


Puts current client in player mode for further races.


Puts current client in spectator mode for further races.


Votes to restart the race.


Withdraws vote to restart the race.

==== Commands that only track marshalls and admins can use ====

server,forceplay <UID or ALL>

Forces the specified client into player mode for further races.

server,forcespec <UID or ALL>

Forces the specified client into spectator mode for further races.



Locks/unlocks the server. When the server is locked players start out

in spec mode and cannot switch from spec to play mode and vice versa.


Selects the next track in the list.

server,settrack <track number>

Jumps to a specific track in the list.

server,ban <UID> [minutes] [reason]

Bans the specified client. If minutes is not specified or 0 the ban

is permanent. This only affects the internal ban list. It does not

change the ban file.


Lists the internal bans. The bans from the ban file will not be in

this list.

server,kick <slot number>

Kicks a player off the server.

server,knockout <1st remount delay> <2nd delay> <nth delay>

Set's the "knockout" delays. The delays are in 1/128 second units.

When the delay is non-zero, the rider will take that much longer to

remount after he falls off. Currently up to 16 delays are supported.

Requires client version 17.

server,allignore <none|specs|all>

Change the ignore setting for every client on the server.

server,mute <UID> [minutes]

Prevents a player from chatting.

server,broadcast <message>

Echoes a message to all clients.

server,broadcastto <slot or UID> <message>

Echoes a message to a specific client. Use either a UID or a slot

number prefixed by "s", e.g. "server,broadcastto s15 hello".

server,forcegate <UID> <gate number>

Forces the specified client's gate choice.



Locks/unlocks the gate. When the gate is locked players can't change

their gate pick.


Clears the approved bikes list. This will allow any bike in.

server,homologate <bike>

Adds a bike to the approved bikes list. If a rider is on a bike that

isn't in the list, he will be put on the first bike in the list.

==== Commands that only admins can use ====

server,addtrack <time> <laps> <change interval> <trackinfo>

Adds a new track with the given time, laps and track change interval.

The times are in minutes.

server,removetrack <track number>

Removes the specified track.

server,addmarshal <uid>

Adds a track marshal.

server,removemarshal <uid>

Removes a track marshal.


Removes all track marshals


Lists the current track marshals.

server,at <time> <command>

Runs command at specified time. Time can be either a UNIX timestamp

or a relative time consisting of the number of seconds with a plus

sign prefix. E.g. "server, at +60 broadcast 1 minute has passed".


Forgets all commands scheduled with "server,at".


Lists all commands scheduled with "server,at".

server,exec <script>

Executes a script stored on the server. Scripts must begin with a

line that reads "#mxserverscript", followed by a series of server

commands (without the server, prefix).

Sets the maximum number of players.

server,reserve <UID or ALL>

Adds a UID to the reserved list. If ALL, it will reserve the UIDs of

all currently connected clients.

server,unreserve <UID or ALL>

Removes a UID from the reserved list. If ALL, it will clear the

reserved list.

server,serverrate <bytes per second>

Sets the server's outgoing byte rate in bytes per second.


Shuts down the server.